Chateaux Casa Serena

Czech Republic


As Earl Jan Spork purchased the quaint village of Malesov in 1666, he came to claim the land in an effort to remove the ruins of the former fortress and erect a comfortable hunting-seat. His vision was completed in just 3 short years.

Between 1827 and 1830, its new owner, Bedrich lord of Dalberg, refurbished the the castle with empire style to result in an aesthetic comparable with the comfort of modern times—30 rooms, a kitchen, a chamber for guns, larders and cellars, a flat for a gardener, and a large deer-park. As time progressed, so did the owners and appearance of the chateau. Starting with 39 rooms, 2 kitchens and a chapel at the turn of the 19th century, the mansion was modernized with central heating, water pipes, and a power station. Completing the innovations were a phone switchboard and cold storage facilities, allowing convenient communication and the availability of ice.

The aristocratic house was also supplemented with outbuildings, a ranch, a forest office, flats for chateau coachmen, a mechanic laundry with drying house, stables, chambers for saddles and harnesses, and sheds for coaches. Majestic surroundings became home to an English park, decorated with an ornate fountain displaying a statue of Saint Anthony of Padua. Northern premises were used as a kitchen garden and fruit orchard, complemented by large green houses.

Adjacent to the castle, resides a miraculous spring. Legend has it the the crisp, clear water has cured pilgrims and travelers throughout the years. Above the spring lies the historic chapel of Our Lady Auxiliary, built in 1819. At the beginning of the 19th century, it still was a place of pilgrimage on the holidays of the Holy Trinity and Our Lady. Today, relaxation and retreat are found just steps away at the spa near the chapel, flooded with iron water from the spring and the peace and quiet of the surroundings.


Chateaux Casa Serena

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