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Whether it’s a work incentive or sales retreat we got you. Whether a destination wedding, special birthday, family reunion, or a guys or girls weekend getaway, our Distincte Travel Advisors are standing by to help you plan & execute the perfect travel event!

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Whether a President Club for your sales team or some influential employees deserving of a reward, we understand the power that travel has to inspire and impact people. It can be argued that when the lure of travel is presented as motivator to increase company sales productivity, travel is one of the ultimate incentives.

However, for many companies, the burden often lies on a staff member that is not necessarily versed on the destination choices and logistics that comes with the planning and execution of an incentive program. Let our experienced team at Distincte act as your part time team member moving the stress to plan the perfect incentive or reward.


When planning travel for your friends, family or peers, 99 times out of a 100 the burden falls on the shoulders of one person. It simply can be overwhelming. At Distincte, we remove that burden from you handling all of the many details involved in the planning of your group’s trip. So, whether planning a destination wedding, a special birthday or even a family reunion contact one of our Travel Advisors and schedule a time for a complimentary consultation.