Cruises By Distincte

Transforming luxury cruises into ocean journeys which inspire you to travel further, immerse deeper and linger a little longer.

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Cruises by Distincte invites you to embark on a cruise adventure that transcends the ordinary. Whether you dream of exploring tropical paradises, observing wildlife in untouched wilderness, or immersing yourself in rich cultural heritage, our cruises are designed to turn your dreams into unforgettable realities. Join us in setting sail for extraordinary destinations and let your cruise journey be truly distinctive.

Our Cruise Destinations:

  • Caribbean: Sail through turquoise waters, explore lush islands, and discover the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean.

  • Alaska: Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of glaciers, fjords, and wildlife in Alaska’s pristine wilderness.

  • Galapagos: Unearth the unique biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands, where every day is a wildlife expedition.

  • Antarctica: Experience the remote and otherworldly landscapes of Antarctica, where you’ll encounter penguins, seals, and icebergs.

  • Scandinavia: Traverse the scenic waterways of Scandinavia, from the stunning Norwegian fjords to the enchanting cities of Northern Europe.

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** Please see below a snap shop of Explora Journeys 2024 sailings.  The links are not presently live but contact us directly to get more details **

Explora I – A Journey from Spice Island to the ABC Islands

  • Nights 8
  • Days 9
  • Stops 5
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The Great White Continent

  • Nights 11
  • Days 12
  • Stops 1
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Magna On The Danube with Samantha Brown

  • NIghts 7
  • Days 8
  • Stops 9
View Detail

Explora I – Greece, Croatia & Venice

  • Nights 7
  • Days 8
  • Stops 6
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