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Experiences by Distincte

We are a lifestyle travel company that curates amazing
passion point experiences inspired from the individuality of our clients.

Where Will Your Passion Take You Next? 

At Experiences by Distincte, we are more than just a travel company; we are curators of unique and individualized experiences. Our name, DISTINCTE, is rooted in French origin and spelling, but it resonates universally, much like our mission. Just as the word “distinct” is defined by Oxford as “recognizably different in nature from something, or someone else of a similar type,” we believe in celebrating the distinctiveness of each traveler and crafting journeys that reflect their singular essence.

Our Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy is simple yet profound: no two travelers are alike, and therefore, no travel experience should ever be identical. We embrace the belief that every individual is independently unique, and this individuality should be at the heart of every travel adventure we create.

Personalized Excellence

Our dedicated travel concierge team takes pride in discerning your individuality, understanding your desires and preferences, and transforming them into extraordinary travel experiences. We don’t just plan trips; we curate exceptional journeys that resonate with your unique spirit.

Why Experiences by Distincte?

Specializing in passion point travel experiences…Safaris, Cruises, Golf, Trains, and Events.

  • Personalized Travel: We tailor each experience to your distincte preferences, ensuring that your journey is a reflection of your individuality.

  • Exceptional Concierge Service: Our travel experts are committed to providing you with unparalleled service, from itinerary planning to on-the-ground support.

  • Curated Experiences: We go beyond standard travel packages to craft experiences that are as unique as you are, from remote adventures to cultural explorations.

  • Global Access: Our worldwide network of partners and destinations ensures that your travel possibilities are limitless.


Experiences by Distincte is your passport to a world of travel that celebrates your uniqueness. We invite you to embark on journeys that are distinctly yours, where every moment is designed to resonate with your individuality. Discover your distincte journey with us and let us transform your travel dreams into unforgettable realities. Your adventure begins here, where every experience is as unique as you are.

Our Team

Sean K. Winton

Founder, President •

Sean Winton: A Journey of Passion and Entrepreneurship Born in Glasgow, Scotland, and growing up in the humble west coast...

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Mary Feola

Director of Operations & Client Services •

Meet Mary Feola: Director of Operations & Client Services Mary Feola is a seasoned professional with a diverse background, bringing...

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Karen O’Neill

Director of Global Real Estate & Discovery Travel •

Karen O’Neill: Director of Global Real Estate and Discovery Travel Karen O’Neill is a dynamic professional who wears multiple hats...

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Sandra Romeo

Director of Business •

Sandra has a passion for travel and decades of experience in sales and marketing within the travel industry. She has...

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Mike DiCarlo

Inspired Traveler, Travel Advisor •

Mike DiCarlo’s illustrious career has been punctuated by remarkable achievements, particularly in his extensive experience as a marketing, strategy, financial,...

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Paul Cormack, LPGA Tour Caddie - Lydia Ko

Brand Ambassador (Golf Inspired) •

Paul Cormack, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, embodies the spirit of golf’s transformative power. Born and raised in the ‘Granite...

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John Brown

Director of The Ambassador Program •

John Brown, a seasoned traveler with over 35 years of globetrotting experience, takes the helm as the Director of Golf...

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Mark Berry

Director of Marketing •

Mark brings experience in digital marketing and advertising to his role as Marketing Director. With a background as a social...

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Taylor Dudley

Marketing Executive •

Taylor is part of today’s new generation of travelers whose passion for this industry has only just begun. He is...

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