We are a lifestyle travel company that curates amazing
experiences inspired from the individuality of our clients.

Our name DISTINCTE embodies who we are… French in origin and in spelling, but pronounced the same as it is in English…
“Distinct”, is defined by Oxford as “recognizably different in nature from something, or someone else of a similar type”.

That’s the central concept behind DISTINCTE, where we subscribe to the belief that
each person is independently unique and not one travel experience is identical to another.

Our one-of-a-kind travel concierge prides themselves on identifying your individuality, taking your desires and wants,
and personalizing an amazing travel experience to that one special place you have always aspired to travel to.


It’s all because of a weather delay on a golf course!

The only reason that the brand actually became a reality was a result of a weather delay on a golf course when a chance meeting between our founder and the powers that be at HSN shifted the direction of his career. True story, just ask him!

Originally, the Distincte brand’s primary purpose was to provide aspirational travel content and booking services to the discerning audience of the travel clothing and accessories brand, TravelSmith (subsidiary of HSN / QVC).

Today, Distincte has evolved to become a full service travel company powered by its ever-growing client base and community of influencers, our Inspired Travelers. This is our differentiator and whether it is you, our clients or it’s the natives within the destination, we subscribe to the belief that travel it is about the relationships you make that ultimately cements a life long memory or a lesson learned, simply because you were willing to travel to see a different side of you.