How to Become an Inspired Traveler

Imagine being able to experience exotic destinations all over the world. Imagine being able to experience what it’s like to stay in the next new boutique hotel. Imagine being able to experience the finest culinary delights or being immersed in the dynamic cultures that make our world so diverse and unique.

That’s right, if you qualify you will be invited to become one of our Inspired Travelers.

How do you qualify you ask? Simple!

We are seeking passionate individuals that share our love of travel…

If you possess a sphere of influence within a social or professional network of your peers on deciding on the WHERE, the WHEN in travel then we want to speak with you.

If you have a passion for photography, writing or videography and would like to combine storytelling in your travels then we want to speak with you.

If we have just described you and you would like to be considered for joining our team, please email

Inspired Traveler Members

Sean Winton

Scotsman on Tour in the States!

Home City: St. Petersburg, FL FL

Passion: Golf Travel Expert


Taylor Dudley

Born & raised in Florida....

Home City: St. Petersburg, FL

Passion: Foodie / Hipster


Barb Ortiz

25 years in travel!

Home City: New York, NY

Passion: Luxury on a Budget


Mike Di Carlo

An expert in St. Andrews & Italy...

Home City: Boston, MA

Passion: Golf & Foodie


Steve Kennedy

Retired and loving it!

Home City: Safety Harbor, FL

Passion: Golf & Lifestyle


CnN - Cindy & Nev

Globetrotting the world!

Home City: Kaula Lumpar, Malaysia

Passion: Cruises


April Calderon

Points Queen!

Home City: Safety Harbor, FL

Passion: Adventure


Amy Rogan

Have bag, will travel!

Home City: Key West, FL.

Passion: Culinary, Wine & Cruises


John Brown

Buckeye fan, fisherman and foodie.

Home City: Celebration, FL.

Passion: Golf & History


Karen O'Neill

New adventures await!

Home City: St. Petersburg, FL

Passion: Culture, Adventure & History.


Eric Dupere

Bromance with TB12

Home City: Portland, ME

Passion: Golf & Lifestyle


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