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Alaskan Dream Cruises – Experience Alaska

Cruising is still one of the most popular travel choices these days. According to Cruise Lines International Association, more than 26 million of us will head to sea in 2016.

And, despite the growing size of the behemoths of the sea that make worldwide ports o’call, all 26 million will not have to fit into one vessel. In fact, the current trend in cruising is in the direction of smaller ships, specialized activities, and immersion experiences. . . such as the voyages offered by Alaskan Dream Cruises.

The vision for Alaskan Dream Cruises was clear from the beginning – their goal was to provide the opportunity for guests to experience True Alaska. They understood that to accomplish this goal they would need to venture off the common routes, and highlight destinations and wildlife areas few visitors to Alaska will have the opportunity to see. It included introducing their guests to the faces and personalities of Alaska’s remote communities. And it meant immersing their guests in the true Alaska distinct way of life—a way of life characterized by a unique spirit of adventure and individuality.

Alaskan Dream Cruises realized that people traveling to Alaska come for enrichment, and in search of a personal connection to the sights, places, and people they will visit, so to deepen the experience, they have staffed each vessel with onboard expedition leaders. Cultural Heritage Guides, often Alaska Natives themselves, are well versed in the indigenous cultures, legends, and practices of the area; naturalists focus on the biology, geography, and ecology. These knowledgeable staff members act as personal guides throughout the voyage, accompanying guests on all shore excursions, on deck while viewing wildlife, and even joining guests in the dining room at meals. In the evening, compelling educational programs are presented in the lounge. Having these guides by your side for every step of your journey ensures no question will ever go unanswered, and that you can experience the True Alaska.

The prize trip from Alaskan Dream Cruises will be aboard the Chichagof Dream which offers spacious viewing areas, new furnishings, and ocean-view windows in all staterooms. It is the perfect way to experience True Alaska – a dream vacation on smaller ship, with specialized activities, and immersion experiences.

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