Do you have what it takes to be an "Ambassador of the Game"?

If so then Golf Inspired is looking for YOU.

Our Ambassadors of the Game program has been designed for travelers that have a passion for not only experiencing their own desires, but also want to share these experiences with other travelers.    Our Ambassadors are NOT travel agents as they are not responsible for the detailed planning and booking of the travel reservations, but rather exploring our partner destinations to discover first hand what they have to offer and then creating and promoting itineraries to their network of travelers.

Benefits/Costs of being an ambassador of the game

Participate in  Discovery Trips with other Golf Inspired Ambassadors planned by our Destination partners to give you a first hand experience of the destinations you will be promoting to your networks.   Trips will give you an opportunity to explore all of the different options within the destination and allow you to meet and develop a relationship with our “on the ground” Tour Operator partners that your clients will be hosted by.  

Experiences will include

  • Staying at multiple resorts and meeting the hotel directors to see all of the different amenities and room options
  • Playing the best-of-the-best golf courses and meeting the golf staff
  • Eating at and meeting with the culinary staff at the resorts and local restaurants
  • Experiencing wine/whiskey tastings at various wineries/distilleries with the sommelier/master distiller
  • Learning about and participating in a variety of experiences native to the destination that your clients may have interests in such as Safaris, Whale Watching, Castle Tours, Fishing, History, Etc.

Each Ambassador will be guaranteed the opportunity to participate in atleast one (1) Discovery Trip per year.  Some Discovery trips may only be for Ambassadors, however, our goal is for these to be able to include a spouse so that we can get the full “couples” experience and feedback.  Discovery Trips will typically have a small fee per person and airfare will not be included.

Ambassadors will be compensated for the clients that they refer in a couple of different ways.  

  • Ambassadors will receive commissions on the Net Margin of the total booking.  
  • Commission amount will be variable based on whether Ambassador participates in the trip and whether the cost of their participation is built into the cost for their clients.  Ambassador will make the decision on this.
  • Ambassadors can use commissions to directly cover their own expenses such as Net Trip Cost and Airfare or just be paid the commission.
  • Standard commission for Ambassadors NOT participating in the trip will be a minimum of 25% of the Gross Margin.

Wanna travel outside the Discovery Trips and make your own itinerary for your own personal use?  Our team will work with our destination partners to ensure that you get the best rates as an “insider” when utilizing our destination partners.  These are incentives for you to expand your knowledge of these destinations and help us develop new/expanded relationships in the destination.

It is our goal at Golf Inspired to have the most knowledgeable network of travelers to ensure that our clients get MORE than they expect from the experiences that they book with us.

When receiving perks like this from our destination partners, it would be expected that you atleast spend some time with the staff or partner providing the benefits to inspect/review the experience.

Golf Inspired is a division of Distincte Travel and it offers a variety of other trips, events and experiences that you will have access to promote and sell to your clients.  This will provide you with access to ALL of the destinations that Distincte and Golf Inspired Ambassadors serve that you may not have had an opportunity to experience yet, but have clients that have an interest in visiting.  You can rest assured that ALL of these packages have been built through a long standing relationship with the partners at these destinations and your clients will get the same level of service that you have learned first hand as an Ambassador in the destinations you have worked with.  As an Ambassador you can elect to join your group and begin to learn the destination as well where you can use your commissions to cover atleast some of the cost of your trip and possibly all of it.

To see some of the existing packages and itineraries offered by Distincte you can visit click here.

In addition to the destination experiences, Distincte also partners with other vendors in providing packages to attend annual events/celebrations such as The Masters, Wimbledon, Rio Carnival, etc. that you can offer to your clients.

As an Ambassador of the Game, your role is mainly to promote and refer your networks of travelers.  Our operations team at Distincte will take care of working with the destination partners in securing the reservations, creating the itineraries, collecting payments and managing all of the logistics of your clients from the time they make their payment to secure the trip until the time that they depart from the destination after the trip.  As an Ambassador you will be asked to assist with coordinating your group of travelers and making sure that they are providing information on timely basis as requested and you will be kept “in the loop” by our operational staff on everything regardless of whether you are going on the trip with your group or not.

One of the key operational items that our staff and destination partners will provide is the creation of the trip itineraries that you will use to promote to your travel networks and then utilize as the agenda once the trip is finalized.  These itineraries are VERY professional and detailed in order for your client to understand what to expect and provide insights from a local/native perspective on each resort, golf course and experience.  You can view an example of one of these itineraries here:

All transportation to and from the destination will be the responsibility of the Guest as neither Distincte nor you as the Golf Inspired Ambassador will arrange for air travel.  If you have a group that will all be departing from and returning to the same origin you may want to have them contact an airline directly to get a Group Rate, however neither you nor anyone from Distincte or Golf Inspired will be responsible for coordinating or securing air travel or any other form of travel to/from the destination.  Some trips will include “internal” transportation such as bus, rail, boat and in some cases airfare which will be included in the cost and in these cases WILL be done by the Distincte staff.

Ambassadors will pay an annual Fee of $1,500 or if chosing to pay monthly $150/month for these services.

Upon being accepted to become a Golf Inspired Ambassador of the Game, each Ambassador will receive a Welcome Kit that will contain some Golf Inspired Branded gifts as logo apparel, bag tag and business cards.  In addition to this, each Ambassador will go through an onboarding process to introduce them to the Management and Operational Teams at Distincte and Golf Inspired as well as provide some training and access to the systems used to communicate both internally and with your network of travelers.  Each Ambassador will be given their own email address and access to the Google tools that we utilize to maintain documents and plans.

Each Ambassador will pay a one (1) time Initiation Fee of $995 for this.

Ambassador Discovery Trips

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Our Featured Partner Destinations

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