Play the Old Course at St. Andrews

Welcome to St. Andrews, the “Official” Home of Golf!

There are many things we must do in life before we die and if you are a golfer, then playing a round of golf on the hallowed turf of the famous Old Course at St. Andrews will undoubtedly top that list!  However, you are not alone in this pursuit. Every year, thousands head to the “auld grey toun” (old grey town) in hopes of realizing their dream to a walk the same fairways as the heroes and legends of the game did before them. 

In fact, gaining access to the Old Course is not only a complicated task but if you are that are “that guy or gal” (the designated group leader / planner) and if you are not familiar with the intricacies that are involved securing a guaranteed tee time, then the process can become stressful and pressure filled. With over 20 years specializing in making golf dreams come true at St. Andrews, Distincte Golf, we are offering a service that will provide our clients with expert guidance and assurance in securing the sought after tee time.  

New Course
Castle Course
Old Course Hotel

The St. Andrews Links Trust is the governing body that oversees all seven golf courses and four clubhouses in the town of St. Andrews.  Four of its seven course are regular plays and rival any of the top courses that are included on a golf pilgrimage to Scotland.
 The town of St. Andrews offers one of the most authentic 19th holes in golf ,where its residents embrace everything that golf epitomizes.
 Also, within reach of the town

Jubilee Course
Swilcan Bridge at The Old Course, St. Andrews
Old Course Hotel


How To Get a Tee Time on the Old Course at St. Andrews

The first step in planning a trip to St. Andrews is to choose a trusted and experienced golf travel specialist or tour operator that can help put you and your group in the best position to secure a tee time on the Old Course.  The St. Andrews Links Trust provide a select group of operators (Authorized Providers) with assigned tee times that are guaranteed on dates throughout the year.  However, if your operator doesn’t have a tee time on the dates that you want to travel then they are restricted from securing times unless they swap one with another operator.  
At Distincte Golf, we chose not to seek that the Authorized Status as it would limit our ability to source guaranteed tee times on behalf of our clients.  When you work with our resident expert Sean Winton, he will educate you, provide you with all of your options (Advanced Reservations (closed until mid August 2019),the daily Ballot or source a guaranteed tee time from one of the many Authorized Providers that we can search on your behalf), and based on your budget, the decision will be yours to make.  
Contact our St. Andrews expert, Sean Winton directly at or by phone: 813 300 2466

* Please note that Distincte Golf, (a division of Distincte Travel Group, LLC.) is NOT an Authorized Provider, an official status sanctioned by the St. Andrews Links Trust (the governing body for all seven courses in St. Andrews).  Not being an Authorized Provider allows our clients the ability to retain our services and expertise to source that once in a lifetime experience to the Home of Golf by