How Can We Be At Your Service?

Where Will Your Passion Take You Next?

Complementary Consultation – Start Planning Your Next Experience Today:

At Experiences by Distincte, we define modern luxury travel. We are not a discount agency; instead, we offer our clients something far more valuable—our time, expertise, and access to an unrivaled network of industry contacts. Our mission is to create tailor-made trips that are perfect for you, reflecting your unique desires and preferences.

How Experiences by Distincte Works:

1.  Complimentary Consultation Call:  It is important to get some face time from the very beginning so that you can get a feel for who you will be working with. During this conversation, we ask a series of questions to gain a deep understanding of your preferences, interests, and travel aspirations. Your input is the cornerstone of your unique journey.

2.  Mutual Beneficial Collaboration:  If both parties agree that working together is the right path forward, we will send you a follow-up email summarizing all the details discussed during the consultation and an invoice for our engagement fee.

3. Engagement of Our Service:  Once we have determined your trip wants and wishes as well as the scale of your travel program request, we will assess an engagement fee to secure our services.  Our fees will range between $250 and $750 providing compensation for your travel specialist’s time invested in the pre-planning process in curating your dream trip.

Please note that all fees paid are held as deposits and are applied towards the balance of your trip cost. However, if you decide not to follow through on the booking, the fee is non-refundable and applied towards compensating your travel specialist’s time invested in the planning process.

4.  Next Steps: We’ll outline the next steps for us to move forward to the booking process and securing of the itinerary.  Once we have secured your program, we will share a fully comprehensive itinerary with you before moving to secure the necessary trip payments.  Our process is designed to be collaborative, ensuring that your trip is shaped exactly as you envision it.