Distincte will stand on its own as a resource that connects discerning travelers with destinations and unique experiences around the world. Distincte will feature its award winning and engaging content around all key travel interests. By partnering with destinations that are complementary to our platform and our core customer, our editorial team will craft stories in the form of experiences designed to inspire consumer engagement and conversion. These experiences will be the lifeblood of our platform and are truly what sets our “search engine” apart from any other travel resource. www.distincte.com


TravelSmith – Distincte’s first distribution partner – one of several of HSNi (Home Shopping Network) subsidiary companies that have come directly to us in an effort to provide aspirational content to support their brand and better align their products. 1.6 million subscribers are available who want to know more about your destination. This is a first of its kind model that gives us the ability to distribute content and marketing based messaging via their numerous communication channels – print, web, email and social media platforms!


We have partnered with Travel Channel celebrity Samantha Brown who will ambassador the Distincte brand as well as write featured editorial articles on behalf of our destination partners. Samantha will be our Editor-at-Large for our digital platform as well as for our quarterly magazine scheduled to make it’s debut in 2016. Samantha has a significant following and we believe that her participation and destination endorsements will carry great value for our destination partners.



In affiliation and partnership with Tzell Travel located in New York City we have opened a specialized concierge division that will be coached and trained on how best to represent your destination; and all the rich experiences, things to do, things to see and where to stay via our Distincte collection of resorts and hotels that are featured inside the platform.

Our press release shares backstory, background, broadcast and distribution information as well as our aggressive plan to work with destination and distribution partners to deepen our pool of content and expand our reach.



We sincerely hope to earn the opportunity to “discover” with you at your earliest convenience. If there is a day/time where we can meet by phone/skype for fact finding and discovery I promise, whether we do business or not you will want to know what we are doing and where we are going and growing. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration – we know you are busy and will be sensitive and flexible around your schedule and your time.




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